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    deca/winny, still want to get leaner

    On a deca /winny combo right now. Week 7 of deca and week
    4 of winny. Still have one more shot of deca and two more
    weeks of winny. Deca has been at 300mg/week, winny at
    50mg/day. I am cutting with these. I am pretty hard and lean
    right now but I must be holding some water because I feel
    some bloating in my stomach. I am doing tons of cardio
    and eating clean. Do you think the bloating will go down
    after I stop the deca. Also how long will the winny continue
    to show results after I am done with it. Any other suggestions?

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    the bloat feeling will go away post cycle.if your diet is right like you say , the affects of winny will stay with you for some time. how long it stays will be determined by a number of , workout routine, and genetics.IMO you should have run the deca for 10 weeks.

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    it all depends on your diet how lean you can get, but the bloat should subside a few weeks post cycle.

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