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Thread: Fina Finger

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    Fina Finger

    Earlier this week I started tren and am beginning to feel the hardness already. So tonight, after the gym, I pull out a vial of primo depot to perform my favorite ritual. There was some oil stuck in the top, so I was flicking it with my finger like I've done a hundred times before to get the oil to drop, and "smack" I flicked the top right off. I was like "holy sht, that's one powerful f'n fina finger." Now I guess I will have to be more gentle . . . until the oil drops, then I'm gonna let the fina finger off it's leash! I have a new way of opening those vials.

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    that happens alot to me too(not the breeaking part but getting stuck on top of the vial)and what i do is keep turnimng it on an angle till an air bubble gets in and it drops.sounds like that finger is massive hheheh dont flick anyones ear in the cold weather hehehe

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