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    When Do You Take D-Bol? Once a Day or Many?

    Space them out over the day. It's all about keeping the blood levels constant.

    I have recently seen some posts that recommend eating them all at once before the workout. I don't see the logic in it. (Mind you I am not saying it isn't logical--just that I don't get it.)

    D-bol's half-life is 4 hours, give or take a bit, so if you take it just once a day, your blood levels swing all over the place, going from from a high spike an hour or two after you swallow to a low trough 24 hours later right before you swallow the next batch).

    OK, here's my thought process:

    Muscles are built WHEN YOU ARE RESTING, not in the gym. You want the juice flowing at a steady level 24x7. That's why long-acting Test esters like Cypionate and Enathate are so popular--they release the Test into the system slowly and evenly over a long period of time.

    OK, it might make you a bit more aggressive during the workout, but it seems like you are trading low levels during prime muscle building time for a little more agression in the gym.

    Mind you this is just my humble opinion, drawn from my limited knowledge. Anybody want to debate this?

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    i feel products with short half lives and fast acting ester should be taken all at once.the reason for these products is for sudden,guick bursts of will find more energy comming from 50 mg of dbol at once then if taken throughout the day.if you are taking say 50mg at 10mg 5 times aday you are really only maintaining 10mg of streanth.
    if you take 50mg shortly before the workout you are going to get the effect of 50mg streanth.
    i feel the same way towards winny,you are looking to get the results of 50 mg.
    if you were using ref-b or injectable winny you wouldnt carry around the pin and hit yourself throughout the day would you.
    the reason for these products is to get the full effect and then be done with it,on a daily basis.
    you use other products with long half lives and slow released esters for maintaining constant blood levels.
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    I look at it the same way as everyday injections. Spread em out as best you can. Less spikes in blood levels.

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