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    Exclamation alternative to clomid and hcg

    dudes i got me a predicament im gonna do decca and anadrol ... i got me sum nolvadex and clen but cant get hcg or clomid so i wonder if theres anyway to bring up natural testo production
    any1 plzzzzz
    peace out

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    there is no replacement for clomid. and a50 and deca is not a very good cycle.

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    you can try the natural route but it will take quite some time....

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    U can try BCAAs or EVA(Elk Velvet Antler) which contains high amounts of undenatured BCAAs. Both have been shown in human studies to increase testosterone . EVA in a study has been shown to increase blood plasma testosterone by 5-6 times. Check it at
    My opinion is that Clomid is still the best test recovery tool.
    Take plenty of zinc(in picolinate form or in monomethionine/aspartate form in ZMA) which helps support your natural test recovery.
    Continue the nolva post cycle. Bill Roberts mentioned that nolva has a similar but much inferior property to Clomid in stimulating test production via LH stimulation.
    You shouldn't do deca . Deca suppress your test levels harder than any other 'roid due to its progesterone-like effect on the hypothalamus. You can read this in MM issue May 1997, in an article written by Micheal Mooney. Anadrol too elevates progesterone levels. Do a test enanthate + eq cycle, which will be less harsh.

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    There is too much pro-est in that cycle.

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    in addition to what they said, don't use hcg post cycle. get only clomid and run nolva through clomid therapy.

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