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    Susceptible to GYNO,Nolvadex?

    I developed slight gyno during puberty, does this mean that i may be more likely to get it than one who didnt develop during puberty, and if it does, when should i use nolvadex ?


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    It really just depends on what type of cycle that you are on. If you ARE that prone to gyno, and it is not just left over baby fat, then dont take it lightly. Go ahead and run Armidex, but like I said, it just depends on what you are running. Nolvadex does not clear up all types of est.

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    i have no direct experience with any of this (except for arimidex /liquidex) but most people will tell you that YES, if you had it during puberty you are prone to it, and should be extra careful to run enough anti-e's during your cycle... Some will say you should keep alot of nolva on hand and then use 40mg ED (everyday) as soon as you start to develop gyno symptoms... and then once they recide maybe lower the dose to 20mg ED and continue at that till the end of your cycle and post cycle...

    The other method (the one I would do) would be to run a low dosage of arimidex or liquidex (they prevent the test from converting to estrogen.. while nolva simply blocks the estrogen at the site.. meaning on nolva you still have the estrogen in your system and with arimidex or liquidex there will be no extra estrogen in circulation...) Maybe 1/4mg ED of arimidex and then use the nolva when symptoms occur, or run a higher dosage such as 1/2mg ED (this crap is powerful)... it all depends on the type of cycle you are going to do as well as the dosages... tell us more about what you are planning and you will get more replies.... like i said i have no experience with nolva or gear, but what i've told you is pretty much the general idea that most people will suggest

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