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    Love handles

    well i have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of fat on my abs and chest thru diet and cardio, but the blastid love handles still exist....would yohimburn be a good idea to try? should i maybe run a small cyc of ECA/clen instead? i was told the love handles are actually fiberous and hard to get rid of....some any info would be appreciated

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    I have always cut them off by doing broom stick twist's and hanging side leg lift's , be carefull not to use to much weight on the side bend's or you will make your waist wider ( build the muscle biger) !

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    congratulations on your progress. how long have you been working on your diet and exercise? maybe just more patience and consistency to get rid of that extra obstacle.

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    If like you say you have removed the fat from your abs with diet and cardio then absolutely Yohimburn is a good idea for you. Guys who know how to diet and add cardio for fat loss but still can't get rid of a particular stubborn fat pocket have great results from it just like the body builders who have used yohimbine hcl for years.
    You should run it while cycling NYC and clen every two weeks. Saint808 used Yohimburn this winter when he cut and got rid of love handles he had not been able to lose for 7 years.

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    I am injecting hGH in the love handles. Along with the know benefits of hGH I was under the impression that it would also reduce the fat in the area its injected. Any truth to this?

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