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Thread: Holy Crap...I

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    Holy Crap...I

    I've run DNP many times in the past and have done it in a few different fashions...At any rate, I started to use 200mg powder dnp evd about 4 days ago but this is the first time I've ran it with the NYC stack...I hotter, sweatier, and more exhausted than I was when I ran 400mg evd for 3 weeks...I'd almost compare this to the time when I ran 800mg for 7 days...It's from the same batch of dnp that i used last time so I know that's not a factor...Sleep is almost non-existant...You guys think that the 2 of these together might affect me different than they do other people? I just quit the dnp cause I feel like shit...I'm gonna try just the NYC stack and see what happens...this is crazy shit.

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    2nd cycles usually hit harder than the first due to accumulated dnp in your body.

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