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Thread: milk thistle

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    Question milk thistle

    hey guys
    do i need milk thistle with a deca 400mg and primo 300mg stack? also is 1000mg/day good if i do actually need it? can i get it in a gnc? are there any side effects from it? sorry for so many questions but i just want to make sure. thanks.

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    Hey man, you only need milk thistle with liver toxic orals, like D-Bol or A-Bombs or Winny Tabs/V.

    If you were stacking any of the above 1000mg ED, broken down into three dosages would be good. No side affects, GNC sell both fingerprinted and Standardised versions. Standard is better, more concentrate of the symilarin.

    Post you full stack bro and you stats.


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    Yes I have a bottle only about 22 bucks or so.. very inexpensive to save your liver..

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