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    My Ulna is shorter than radius ANY INFO YOU CAN OFFER PLEASE DO

    Went to the docs today, I've had a wrist/hand injury for 3 months I after socking a kid. They took some new x-rays and discovered my ulna is 3-4mm shorter than my radius (? other bone that runs along the forearm) bone. Anyways the surgeon told me I had a few options and they are going to run some more tests but they can either do surgury to make my ulna longer or shorten my radial. With this structure flaw he said lifting weights isn't really an option, he said I could lift lift weights to keep in shape but nothing like competing. He actually had the fucking gaul to tell me to start running instead of lifting, I wanted to rip out his ulna and put it in my arm. Anyways just wondering if anyone else has this condition or knows someone who does and how they've dealt with it. I'm getting some second opinions and my mom is sort of in that field so I can get privaleged treatment and get in to see the best of the best in New England, but any info you guys could offer might help ease my nerves a bit. When he told me this felt like he told me I had cancer or something, I've been in a daze all day, just the idea of never being able to lift weights again was unimaginable. Any info/experience with this sort of thing anyone can offer would be much appreciated.
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