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    hey guys please reply about good diet while on cycle

    i know this belongs in diet forum but i dont have luck at replies but if you have to you can move fixing to start a EQ/t200 cycle soon and want to put size on with least amount of fat being gained.what is a way i can save money on protien, which by the way i plan to do at least eat 300 grams a day so far im thinking tuna would be a good way to get a lot of protein out of the way and also myoplex but need more advice on this..please help out

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    I was going to post this same question tonight.

    I have gotten my bodyfat down from 26% to about 18% through nothing but diet, cardio and hard work & I'm paranoid about getting fat while on cycle.

    Help a cupple a bros out !

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    Get a pressure cooker. You can put 4 pounds of chicken breast or a large roast or corned beef and 5 pounds of potatoes in it and eat for for 2 days off it. Those potatoes even taste great in the pressure cooker. So you only have to cook 3 days a week. You can boil enough rice for the whole week too. Keeping it simple is the best way to make sure you get enough food. So eat whatever you cook 3 or 4 times a day and fill in the other meals with eggs, cereal, oatmeal, lunch meat, low fat cheese, low fat cottage cheese, fruit and stuff like that. Hard boiled eggs or pickled eggs are a great high calorie snack that you can make huge batches at a time, use hot sauce not salt.

    And you're right, this should be in the Diet Questions Forum.

    You guys need to buy The Zone cook book.

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