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Thread: Clomid Question

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    Clomid Question

    If I run Clomid during a Test./Deca stack will my endogeneous Test. levels remain near baseline or will they still decline. In other words is it worth to take Clomid during and not just after a stack?

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    clomid is used AFTER you finish your cycle to get your family jewels back up to speed - dont use it during you cycle or it will be in competition with the juice you are using and when the time comes that you need it (after the cycle) wont be so effective!

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    use of clomid trough a cycle will only give you extra zits, and make you cry (some people get realy sensitive on it).........

    save it for the end.......300mg first day, 100 mg ED for a week, 50mg ED until you get your boys back to probably know this, i am just bored and need sometning to write

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