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    Question TEST AND CARDIO? Help

    is being on test and doing cardio throughout the cycle good or no ? will it cut my potential muscle gains? or it wont affect it..cuz i wanna cut the fat down durin the cycle as well? and also i hear that if ur on test..and u do alot of running....ur heart grows that true also or no ?.

    please respond thanx

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    doing any cycle and also lots of cardio will make an impact on the overall gains you make. its not wise to try to bulk and cut at the same time - they are sort of mutually exclusive!!!

    on a bulking cycle i do actually do cardio but not lots, maybe 3 times a week and not really intese and always before breakfast!

    your best bet would be to eat like a horse and train like a maniac until your cycle is done and then do another cycle for cutting (After some time off of course), or just increase cardio and diet until you lose the fat.

    dont try to mix bulking and cutting - dead end street im afraid

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