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    just starting, what is better t400 or.....

    i am 5"8'. i am wanting to build and be some what cut at the same time. i want to be a small time body builder. i want to keep most of what i gain. should i take T-400, Primobolan Depot, DURABOLIN . some one told me to take T-400.
    some one help. i get 220 grams protein a day.

    i am:
    chest - 38
    arms - R:14.5 L:14
    stomic - 29
    wast - 30
    thigh - R:20 L:19.5
    calf - R:13 L:13

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    you need to do a little research, decide on what your cycle will be and post it to a thread. Then everyone can give you an opinion on what you should do. It's hard to design a cycle for someone you dont know anything about. no flame intended bro. but, you need about 2grams of protien for 1lb of bodyweight!

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    do your self a favor,research .u dont even make are u gonna inject something in u that u have no idea about.

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    whats your age, workout history? and i take it that this is your first cycle?

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    T400 won't do as much for you as eating properly and training properly. I'd seriously reccomend doing more research and don't feel intimidated by asking questions. The reason I have started coming to this board is their no flame policy,

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