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    Spectro Labs- Finaplix


    I'm currently using ValoPharm Finaplix Gold and am having good results. My brother has not been feeling great (drinking like a mad man on the juice) and gave me about 28 Ml of OmegaTren Spectro Labs trebolone acetate (Finaplix). The trouble I'm having is with how it looks. . . my gold is crystal clear and the spectro labs product is full of little floaters. I saw the bottle before my brother drew his one or 2 injections and it looked the same then.

    Any comments about this. . . is it supposed to be like that? Could it be harmful??

    Any information would be great.

    Take care all and thanks in advance.

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    spector tren is unreal, my friend just finished a bottle and put on a total of 15lbs clear. If you have a bottle you better hold on it real good. the color is good, but you need to clear out you system. its going to rip through your kideys/liver. but its worth it.

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    tren DOES not affect your kidney's and there are not any docs to support this, Animal went throught this years ago.
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    Keep the Gains

    Are a lot of the gains from taking Finaplex kept? Or do you start to lose them immediately like suspension? Also, how much do people take - 1cc every 2nd day?

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