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    thanks to this thread I now have my next 14 wk cycle laid out for me.. cheers!

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    *no sources i wont reply*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glycomann View Post
    Interesting old thread. I've been in gyms for nearly 35 years and been cycling for over 20. I've seen natural guys that were freaks that never did any AAS that grew like crazy. One was my best friend for a lot of years and was a Natural Mr. World. Some guys just have some sort of genetic make up that seemingly allows nearly unlimited muscle growth. I assume most of the top pros are like this and using fairly moderate doses, compared to the average gym rat board warrior, may be all that's needed. Imagine yourself maybe 225 at 10% bodyfat after 12 years of training and cycling with moderate amounts of drugs and lets say you are above average as far as bodybuilding. Say you use a gram of AAS and 2-4 iu og GH 5 on 2 off, eat 90% perfect and train hard and regularly. Now imagine you have a myostatin mutation that basically makes myostatin non-functional, an IGF-1 mutation that causes 3-5 times as much to be present, and an androgen receptor mutation that allows more of them to be expressed. In my mind it is completely possible that the elite in bodybuilding could have something similar in their genetic make up. Now superimpose all the same conditions in diet, training, rest and drug use. I can see a bodybuilder that is 265 on stage at 4% bodyfat.
    no, it isnt interesting, its speculative BS. why bump a ancient thread?! its annoying

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    No Sources Given
    ^^^^ Yep total crap

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    Quote Originally Posted by pump5 View Post
    you are smoking crack if you think a pro level body builder takes dosages that low. I personally know a pro and the dosages are 20 times what you listed.
    This! Only a fool would believe that. Just like Dorian Yates, uses:

    400mg of test e
    20mg of anavr
    GH of 5IU EOD

    Only in the off season mind you

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    This is prolly from long ago. These doses are prolly on the low end now. Where is the slin?

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