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Thread: acne questions

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    acne questions

    ok what are the huge red bumps that you get on your back and are very painful to touch, and have no head so they're impossible to pop?? these are not normal ' zits ' what exactly is it?! it is terrible pain , does anyone know what im refering to?

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    Sounds like you're on Tren . Are you? You could try benzyl peroxide as a stop gap measure until you get something stronger. You probably need Bactrim or maybe even Accutane, though Accutane has its own dangers. Better research that one before trying it. If you believe the literature on that stuff the sides are potentially worse than the acne. But if you can't get Bactrim from your doc, *** labs has Accutane in a gel. Good luck.

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    Just a diff type of acne

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    i had two of those painful fvcks on my back when i came off my last cycle. i stopped messing with them and just put some acne cream on them. within a week or so they started to go away.

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    There are now a couple threads going on the same topic.

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