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    how long for fina results

    i have done many cycles,and tried about everything under the sun,however i never have used fina until about 4 days ago.i was just wondering about how long it took you guys to see results.oh yeah! iam using about 100mgs per day roughly.

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    If your injecting u should be feelin the effects in about a week.

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    I have noticed increase hardness within 3 days. And that's eod and every day injects. Some respond faster than others. But most will notice a difference within 10-14 days.

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    I feel the difference in a day, hell I made some fina the other day and my next workout went nuts. went form reg stance leg presses one day (900 or so for 20 reps) to 870 for 30 reps only 3 days later. and the 870 for 30 was with feet together, lol. As far as seeing the results in bodycomp about 3 days really, especially with some fast acting test stacked with it.

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    I would say 2-3 weeks

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    Fina will take me about 2-3 weeks and then the strenght gain come quik!


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