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    Question help me out

    ok heres the a student at salisbury university and i have 2 other work out partners and they both are goin to start a cycle of winstrol and im debating on weather to use that or to use premabolin...were the biggest guys in the weight room and the most hard core by 20 six foot four, 245 lbs at about 8% body fat and ive never used any kind of supplements my question to anyone who could it worth it to me to use a supplement now..i want to look good for summer but i dont want any loss of muscle mass i want to gain without gaining any fat or water weight...i want to look better for summer with out the side-effects and with long lasting me out please i have their opinions, but i want anyone else who can help too


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    it sounds to me like you guys need to do a little research and learn about what it is you are about to do. go to the search button, click on it, and then do a search on primobolan .

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    im with kev!bro u really dont make sence to me ,i guess u wanna cut up?is that what your asking?is it worth for u to take a supplement now?bro only u know we cant tell u!u wanna look better for summer time without side effects (pertainig to?acne or what?)without long lasting resaults?

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    Every steroid has side affects. Some milder then others. And at age 20 it's not a good idea for you to take anything anway.
    It's a common fairytale that Winny has no side effects.
    Stick around and read alittle like Big Kev said.


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    winny and primo are pretty synergistic with each other and should be taken together. if you use any one steroid by itself you're always going to have to use more total mg to achieve the same anabolic effect compared to a well planned stack of steroids . a good stack will lessen the total mg needed and lessen the side effects experienced.

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