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    ORAL vs injectables

    Hey guys.

    Id like to know what the more experienced guys can tell me about the effects of oral enhancers on your system. From what ive read, they cause havoc on your liver. Is there a time frame associated with negative side effects of steroids taken orally? I tend to stay away from any enhancer that is not an injectable, but i also see alot of you guys using them along with the injectables. Are there negative effects on your body after a prolonged use or could they affect your liver after a single cycle?

    Thanks guys.

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    Ranger Guest
    Personal experience....Been in the game for a LOOOOONG TIME, adding to the fact I am a diabetic...I have taken 100mg's of dbol a day along with sides, no ill effects...I have taken a gram of test per week at times, again, no sides, no ill effects....BUT, remember, everyone is vastly different, and I have blood work done before, during and post cycle....

    I take quite a bit of time off between cycles, and haven't had anything bad ever happen....Common sense is the key here....staying on high dosages of abombs, or Halo for long periods of time...sure, you're asking for trouble....Like you, I prefer injectables.....

    Heh heh heh....But damn, nothing can beat that dbol!!!


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    Like he said everyone is different! I have been on orals for 3 months at a time at upwards of 100mgs a day!

    I get regular blood tests and my liver was a little high but nothing bad, but my kidney count came back worse!

    My lower back hurts sometimes when on high dosages but all in all my tests come back pretty normal! Oh... I wasn't on just orals!

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    CYCLEON Guest
    like ranger says - it really depends on the cycle. sure if you do a 10 week cycle of winny/drol/halo/methyltest - that would be bad. but if you do things the way you are supposed to and with proper protectants, they shouldnt hurt you at all. Besides, I alway like to do a mix of both - no orals only cept anavr, tho im thinking to try one on chinamans exotic orals primo/anavar /test/mestanolone

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    The damage on the liver is caused because oral gear has additives which keep them from being dissolved by your stomach so your liver has to do the work to get it into your bloodstream. Not good long-term. Injectables directly enter the bloodstream.

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