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    Prop Strength Gains

    hey bros

    did you guys find you gained a lot of strength while on test prop? im going on a week this saturday of eod injections and i was curious as to when you first felt a change in strength if any and was it significant.

    i am running EQ and winny (in about 2 weeks ill add the winnies) with my cycle.

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    with me i am doing a cc eod.....i felt the difference within my second or third shot so between 4-6 days

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    I gained a ton of strength on prop, but I was running either var or tren with it. I'd switch to ED injections if I were you, I think you'll be happier with less sides and more stable blood levels. My first cycle which was prop and var I didn't start the var for about 2 weeks after I had started the prop, but my strength was going up before I ever took the var. With prop I notice a difference in about 6-10 days. I feel it the next day or two, kinda sick feeling but the positive effects take about a week plus or minus. good luck

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    Two weeks for me. 100mg/ED. After 2 weeks I am ss as horny as a three-balled billygoat, and my lifts start going up, big-time. I sense subtle psychological changes after only 5-6 days.

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    i start to notice it around day 5. 2-3 weeks in i get a nice increase in strength.

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