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    post OP results

    hey gang,

    i went in the hospital last wednesday and had a microdiscectomy on thursday..i came home yesterday and the surgery went well..the only problem i had was taking a piss , which i couldnt do so they had to stick a cathador in me to empty the bladder..that was a real fucked up feeling...well i'm sore as hell but the sciatic pain that was killing me is gone...all the pain now is coming from where he cut on me so i think once i heal it will all be good...oh and i took a walk around the block today so there is light at the end of this tunnel...

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    good luck everything goes well tryin to get back in the gym in 2 more weeks..been out a month for shoulder surgery

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    Good Luck

    I had lumbar disk surgery in 1992, before they were even able to do a microdiscectomy. I took a very long time for me to recover (I still train in such a way as to protect my lower back at all times)

    I'm sure your recovery time will be quick. Just be careful for a little while.

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    Good luck bro ,take the time to heal !!!!!

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    Glad you are feeling better M.O.D. !

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