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Thread: Body Fat

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    Body Fat

    I am on a cutting diett now. If my planing will success, i wil have 190£ mass on my body whit 5% BF.

    After the cutting cycle. i wil thak a little "gain muscle" cycle.

    But wil my BF% go up or down on this cycle?

    Week 1 - Dianabol 40mg, Winny 250mg
    Week 2 - Dianabol 35mg, Winny 250mg
    Week 3 - Dianabol 30-20mg, Winny 250mg
    Week 4 - Winny 250mg
    Week 5 - Winny 250mg
    Week 6 - Winny 250mg
    Week 7 - Winny 250mg
    Week 8 - Winny 250mg

    I am takeing Dianabol the 3first weeks only, because i will gain much more fat then muscles the next weeks (Thats my exp.)


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    bro i don't like the two oral thing.. and BF depends on your diet... the Dbol will make you hold some water..IMO

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    thats a long time to be taking 17aa AS - having 2 different ones makes no difference at all, its not good for you full stop! your liver will not love you for doing this!

    personaly my advice would be to re-think this!

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    I am still trying to fathom the logic of that stack...

    Will your bodyfat go up or down during that cycle? Well, it totally depends on what your diet is! If you eat more calories than your body uses, you will have fat. If you eat fewer calories than your body uses, you lose fat. It's that simple!

    The main reason to use AS in a cutting cycle is to prevent muscle loss while consuming fewer calories than you burn off.

    If your goalis to lose BF, stick to the basics: consume fewer calories on a daily basis and do cardio to burn extra calories. If you want to speed up the fat burning process, try using an ECA stack (or a ready-made ECA-based thermogenic product such as Xenadrine, RippedFuel, HydroxyCut, etc.). Beyond that there is Clenbuterol to raise you metabolism and T3/Cytomel to increase fat metabolism.

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