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    Question Sust for cutting

    I would lik to know that if i follow a really good diet and cardio program.......can i use sustanon on a cutting cycle. Proviron and nolvadex are a regular feature.Dosages go upto 500-750 mg/week.

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    At 500 - 750 mg's a week, Sus is more commonly used for bulking, mainly since it's a mixture of test. esthers.

    Is this all you have or is this what you're thinking of getting ?

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    how much weight u lookin to lose, sust will definately not aid you in the loss of weight, it is a test and as you see in drug profiles, similiar sides occure with sust as other tests, bloating , slight water retention, take the money ur gonna spend on sust and get some clen , eca stack for cutting or figure exactly what you have in mind to do man...good luck

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