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Thread: Test and EQ

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    Question Test and EQ

    If I run T200 at 500mg/wk and TTEQ at 200mg/wk, will I see decent gains? Just trying to figure my expenses. All responses are welcome, this is just a proposed cycle, not written in stone yet. I just sent a sample order through new source to see how long it takes and that he is legit so I thought I would ask about proposed cycles while waiting.


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    run the t-200 at 400 mg's a week for 10 weeks - that's 2 bottles

    run the EQ at either 200 or 400 mg's a week for 10 weeks as well - 1 or 2 bottles depending on what dosage you choose.
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    You will def see decent gains with that, as long as your diet and training is in check, oh wait 200 mg EQ..why not bump it to 400?

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    definately bump the eq at 400 ,

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    i'm also trying EQ first time which can be a good
    info for gman777 and myself, i want to know
    if there's any benefit doing EQ600mg vs 400mg?
    i know 400mg will do its work..............

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