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    L-Arginine and making your own n02

    Sorry I know this is steroid section, but nobody answers the questions in the supplement section so here it is:
    Ive herd a lot of peopel talking about making their own n02, but just using l-arginine, l-glutamine, and you guys think this will help give you the pump as well???

    thanks a lot

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    I guess... I have some no2 sitting around so when people ask what I am taking I show them the bottle and a small propaganda book on how it works.

    Edit: I forgot to add. I would spend my money on protein and food. Drink protein throughout the day inbetween your 5-6 whole food meals. Definately drink a huge shake after your workout (PWO=post work out).
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    Using arginine alone will give you the same results as NO2, it worked for me.

    I used arginine/ornithine combo

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