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    All right boys I'm going back in!!!!!!

    Just wanted to get some feed back on my next cycle. It will be my 2nd "official" cyc. I'm going to take a regular brovel deca and t200. I'mn thinking of runing deca 300mgs and t200 400 mgs for about ten weeks.

    Will take clomid on the 13th week (i will not make that mistake again...last cycle I did not use clomid).

    My stats are:

    10-12 bf

    Want to get:


    My question is will this stack get me the results i wanted. I appreciate any and all advice you have. I am going to start the cycle Next Monday. Thanks bros!!

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    Just make sure that your dieting and training is in check, 15lbs shouldn't be hard to gain at all if everything is in order.

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