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    water weight with EQ and TEST

    I have always wondered about this...Test as we all know causes the quickest gains, but it causes the most water retention also....EQ's gains are noticable, but takes longer to notice than test seeing as the water retention is low for one reason. My question is..Since Eq has lower water retention..does adding it to a test cycle make the water retention lower?? Or does it just contribute more water weight?

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    it helps get rid of some ,since it makes u harder and vascular ,i usually eq all the way,and winny in the end it gets rid of the bloatness.

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    i would stack all of the above, test/eq/winnie and take arimidex . arimidex is the best anti-e IMO. blocks estrogen and is also a good diuretic.

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    my last cycle was arimidex + test and there was no bloat whatsoever... which in some ways was the problem, I feel like I would have had more to keep if I had blown up with the water weight since water weight = strength up = heavier workouts = bigger muculos... how would running test and then arimidex towards the end work instead of all the way through like I did?

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