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    First Cycle with Tren...advice please

    Hey everyone!
    Is TREN /FINA a good choice for my very first cycle? What can I expect as results. Will it get me cut and add muscle efficiently when used alone?

    BF% 20%
    eating clean
    train 5 days/week.

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    you should stack it with atleast test/eq
    most people dont use fina on there first cycle althought

    maybe something like this
    75mgs EOD of 6 weeks (fina)
    test 4-500mgs 8 weeks
    eq 400mgs 8 weeks

    thats more of a bulk cycle but with the eq and fina you dont have to gain much fat if you train properly.

    what are yuor goals?

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    Thanks for the advice... My goals are basically to get big and cut my BF% to 10-12%, Fina is all I have access to at the moment. Is it even worth using alone?

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    you should stack it with winny and test. eq and tren aren't too synergistic, but tren and winny is extremely synergistic.

    40mg/day tren 7 weeks
    40mg/day prop 7 weeks
    25mg/day winny 7 weeks

    tren should not be used alone.

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