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    Ny baby greatest

    D Bols Romanian Thyland?? Which ones are better?

    Dbols are they all the same and do they all have the same effect? I am about to buy Romanian dbols and i wanted to know if it is a waste or exactly the saem as buying any others? And Iam going to take it with winni shots is that a good cycle?

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    Everyone has their favorite...
    I would rate them like this..

    #1 Russian
    #2 Thai
    #3 Romanian

    Russians for me are the best for both size and strength...

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    i have done TT's and they rocked..but this time around its russians

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    dbol and winny is NOT a good cycle bro.

    reconsider and research.

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    What BigKev said. Dbol & winny doesn't sound like a good cycle. D-bol bloats you, so any hardening of the muscles that the winny did would be uselss. Plus both are 17AA steroids --hard on the liver.

    Maybe you should do another post with your stats (age, weight, BF%) experience (years lifting, # of cycles etc.) and goals and ask for some advice on a cycle.

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