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    Question Hi

    Hi I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if anyone can help me. I have 15 shots of winny 50/mg and will be recieving a bottle of equipoise , probably 10cc 25/mg. Realizing that this is not alot of gear, I would still like some advice on the best way to cycle these drugs. As well any info is welcome. Thank you.

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    You mean 250mg/ml right? What are you trying to achieve? What are your stats currently? We need more info, to give you responsible advice. Welcome to the board by the way

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    You need a lot more eq and a shitload more winny. Plus a little test never hurt.

    Also you need to post some stats and cycle experience. Last thing bro were you trying to cut?

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    welcome to AR bro,..........but you should take this question to the steroid question room, and more ppl would be responding (this is the member pics room)

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    If you did mean 250mg/cc then you might be able to put together an "okay" cycle, although I would suggest you get more gear for a better full cycle.

    If you ACTUALLY meant that it really is only 25mg/cc then that is just way too little gear. Won't do anything. Especially considering people take EQ at around 400-600mg/week!!!

    Let us know bro, and we'll help you out! And welcome aboard!

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    Welcome to the board

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