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    Serious Help Guys

    Ok i have two thigns i need to be addressed....first off....Im finally up to 185lbs after two cycles of juice...all test and deca ....if I were to take winny...would i get cut up or just harder muscles, and if not...supposedly my friend is on EQ and hes gettin ripped as shit...but do you lose alot of weight from EQ?

    second.....when you take a drug test for a police they test for AS

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    winny is for muscle hardness..the cardio is whats going to cut you up far as EQ it is used in cutting or bulking, that all depends on your caloric intake, no u dont lose weight from a matter of fact it makes you more hungry, but if you eat smart and do cardio you can use it to far as the test goes, im not sure about the police department, its very expensive to do steroid testing so i doubt they would without reason..maybe u can get more solid advice on that part

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    demented is right.

    Diet & cardio affect weight gain. Eat alot you put on muscle and/or fat. Eat less and you lose muscle and/or fat.

    AS stacks the deck in favor of muscle growth or prevents muscle loss when dieting.

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