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Thread: Teen juicing

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    Teen juicing

    i am 19 years old and i have done one cycle of winny and currently doing a cycle of deca ...i have many older freind with alot of expecience with AS so i didnt jump in head first. i hear a bunch of people saying you should juice as a teen because your body hasnt stopped growing. My question is..what happens now ive already done them does my body stop growing naturally or what?

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    what other people do and know is irrelevent to your own situation. the simple fact that you used AAS with no clue to the consequences portrays quite the contrary to what you say, and it appears you did jump in "head first". You are 19, you are a mature adult. Chances are your growth plates have fused (or are extremely close to fusion) and linear growth is not much of an issue. As far as your ability to naturally gain muscle--there is no evidence to support the claim that the use of AAS inhibits your future ability to grow muscle naturally.

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