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    Question Hi again

    In reference to my last post yesterday, I found out that the Ganabol, is 50mg/ml. The entire bottle is a 50ml bottle. The question I have is, "does this mean that for every cc I will be injecting, I will be recieving 50 mg"? If that is indeed the truth, then I estimate to take 150mg of EQ per week, and 100mg of Winstrol Depot per week. I realize that in most forums this seems like only a tad, but I'm not willing to tolerate the nasty side effects, even if in this particular case they are saidto be low. I was thinking maybe something like Mon- 50 Ganabol, Tues- 50 Winny, Wed- 50 Ganabol, Thurs- 50 Winny, Fri- 50 Ganabol. Sat and Sun off... repeat cycle Remember I'm not looking for hard core results, just increased vascularity and muscle definition. Please reply back with more info.


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    post this in the setroid questions section , you'll get more and faster replies

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    Your right about the 50 mg / cc. The cycle needs some work though bro. I don't think your gonna get anything out of a cycle like that.

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