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    Question Hi

    I'm new here, and was told that this was the place to come to. I have Ganabol 50mg-50 ml bottle, and was wondering how to cycle it. As I explained in the other forum, I'm not interested in becoming a monster. I only want to improve my muscle tone, and bring out my vascularity. All suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you, J

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    No experience with cycles but welcome to the board. Make sure to read the board rules is the advice I can give you.

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    My suggestion is to first look at your diet and workout routine. That is the first place you can go to get that improved muscle tone. Second if you are without a doubt sold on usage of steroids research the hell out of it.

    You can obtain that look you want without the use of steroids.

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    EQ is mostly run at....AT LEAST 400mg week. That means...8 ccs of oil. That's a lot. You could shoot 2cc in each glute...and two cc's in each quad, shooting eod. Or...the easy way, would be to shoot 3ccs LEFT glute on monday, 3cc right glute wed, 2cc in right OR left quad, making sure to rotate sites on friday. But that means you need a hell of a lot more EQ to run it for 10-12 weeks which should be the minimum. Results only get better, the longer you take it. Vascularity improves each week. I love eq, it's my favorite AAS. Get one more bottle, and you'll be set. Later on down the road, you can spot inject the stuff...but for a first cyc, not necessary.

    Good luck.

    Like Fina said, research like no one's bizniss. Make sure you know how to prevent Gyno, what you need to take to get natural test production back up after a cycle, and proper dietary habits.

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    welcome to AR,...........and dont worry about becoming a monster, its not that easy bro,...........if it were we would all be, need some stats though to really help ya......

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