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Thread: gyno question

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    gyno question

    So let me understand here.

    Gyno is not just fat in the chest area, it's actual LUMPS UNDER YOUR NIPPLES?


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    gyno is the development of actual breast tissue. real girlie breasts. they not only feel like little lumps but it itches like a bitch. do whatever you can to avoid it.

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    Regarding the gyno, is swollen nipples sign of gyno or water retension. Though mine do not hurt nor itch.

    I'm just about to inject into my thigh, i will go as deep as into the glutes , so about 1 inch, and 3/4 of an inch to delts, is that okay?
    Hitting my delts i can't shoot the whole 3ml, so how do you store an open vial for later use?

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