I just finished my second cycle of DNP . I took 400mgs for 6 days and it ended on Tues the 23rd. I happy to be done with it. The only way to describe it is lethargic. I was a walking zombie on that stuff. I never really talked"which is bad b/c I'm a telemarketer". My girlfriend kept asking me what was wrong. I was really hungry and thirsty all the time. Bed sheets were soaked. At about 2am every night, I would take a towel and lay that down, at 5am, I would have to lay the top sheet over the wet spots.

You really get tired when you cannot sleep well, or long enough. Im excited to see what it did, Im still retaining water and I should see results by Sun or Mon.

Only one real side effect that was painful. Last night my hip/ass cramped up and it hurt like hell. Even this morning, I could barley walk on it, just sore now.

Ive been reading alot of reports on how its bad for your organs(liver), makes your heart pound, etc.. I never felt any type of pain of pounding on this stuff, just exhaustion. I will report any weight losses in a few days