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    few questions on my cycle? please look vets

    i am on week 6 so far gains so far 10ibs.
    weeks 1-8 deca 400 sus500
    weeks 7-11 winny tabs 50mg each day( i have **'s 50mg each)
    week 11 clomid

    i am 26m, 6ft, 70kgs( around a 150ibs i think), fat % is 9%

    my questions.
    1) i have only 24 tabs of clomid. should i get 12 more tabs?
    2) i smoke fags and a little weed sometimes should i stop both?
    need info please on smoking fags, i smoke 10 per day.
    3) i find it hard to put weight on . so i would like to know some
    cycles which will enable me to put weight/ muscle.
    i was thinking of primo with something?????????
    as the muscle i put on, i would like to keep
    i do not want to much water as you lose gains after
    stopping when you put water on.

    all replys welcome. know the guys are good on here, so i am hopeing for lots of replys.
    regards shadow123
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    I would say its your diet. keep training hard and increas calorie intake and that should work.

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    well smoking a lot of weed can increase the risk of gyno, and smoking will definately not help you in the cardio department and you'll probably find yourself tired and short of breath through most of you sets. You also said that you want to put weight on and by your description i'd say you are an ecto. So doing winny IMO isn't the way to go. I would have replaced that with dbol from weeks 1 to 4. But a test/deca cycle will definately give you some mass

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