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Thread: Sustanon???

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    Does anyone know how much weight and strength i can expect to get off 22 amps of sustanon taken every third day. Its almost a 10 week long cycle.

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    Depending on your diet, you will probally gain about 10-20 pounds. Again depends on rest, diet, and training.

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    well if each amp contained 250mg that would actually be an 11 week cycle if your doing 500mg/ which with proper training and diet, you could get 20+lbs from it...but the downfall with sust is the frequent injections, the high BA contents, the chance of sus flu and the price of it..i would choose T200 personally...

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    I just came off a SUS cycle and gained 18 lbs...3 weeks since it ended I am feeling jsut a strong as on cycle..I got Sus flu though...that sucks!

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    i am about to start a cycotoha sus cycle with tt eq and thia dbols going to run the sus and eq for 10 weeks at 500mg/wk sus and 400mg/wk eq, the dbols will kick start the gains for me with 5 weeks at 40mg/day. i will let you know what kind of gains i get

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    good luck bill...we'll be waiting for updates

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