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    Question [B]cycle planning help please ?!?[/B]

    cycle ex.:5th cycle

    planning intense bulking cycle. i have: 4 btls. of sust
    1 btl. of superdrol

    thinking about running 400 mg/wk of deca , 30 mg of dbol /day or a-50 at front of cylcle and winstrol , parabolan or primobolan at end of cycle. how should i spread all this out and at what dosages? also how much nolva do i need to run throughout and also pct?
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    [B]really would appreciate some advice bros...

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    this is the best bulking cycle i can think of with out tren . i would add the t-bol at the end just the harden up a bit. that will help you keep your gains.

    1-4 50mg day drol
    1-16 sust 750mg weekd shoot eod
    1-15 deca 500mg week
    10-18 50mg t-bol
    1-15 b-6 200mg day
    1-16 1.25mg letro or l-dex
    1-pct milk thitler you will need this with the long run of oral. the is going to help the liver.

    pct clomid nolv

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