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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    hey all -

    Sorry for cross posting, this is a bit more thorough than the last. this is my secons post. im a "newbie" eager to learn. i figured maybe i would get a better response here. IronX helped me out - seems like a cool guy,

    To make a long story short, i tore all of the connecting tissue in my right foot two years ago. My docs had me on every pain killer known to man, Including OC`s. After a long struggle to wean off the drugs i managed to go from 205 (lean) pounds to 165. I am 6 ft. i have 65 oxanadrin 2.5mg tabs. My connection fell through with the primo. with that being said would 5mgs of oxanadrin a day help with muscle gain? will taking 2.5 or 5mg of oxanadrin shut down my htpa? Or would you recommend a different route. I eat like a mad man and still my progression has been minimal, sick of looking like im dying or something. Any ideas? My thoughts are if im going to mess with my hpta i might as well go with something more androgenic .

    also being 40 pounds under my normal weight would i be more apt to retain the muscle? i know this is a long post and appreciate anyones help and thier time to read through this.


    thanks in advance,

    Also wanted to say hello to everyone on here this is my 3rdb post. long time reader of this site

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    You'll get the same response from almost everyone. Oral only cycles arent good. Add test to the cycle. Proper PCT and diet will determine how much muscle you keep. Is this your first cycle?

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    5mg of anavar every day might have a minor effect on a female bodybuilder. For a male you would need much more.

    At 6ft 165lbs you should be able to get back to your previous weight simply by diet and exercise.

    If your diet and training are in order a simple cycle of testosterone followed by proper PCT would probably be your best bet.

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