Hey bros,

Is there anything you can do for a sore a$$? I shot 1.5 cc (1 ml brovel test en and .5 ml of tt deca 300) on Sunday using 23 ga 1.5" needle - stuck the needle in almost the whole way. It didn't hurt at all at the time, but has been getting very sore yesterday and last night. The soreness has even come around to the side of my hip. There's no apparent bruising or lumps, and I know I have seen threads on this before that it will go away, but what can I do to help in the mean time? Not being a puss here, believe me I'll suck it up and make it, but does it hurt this bad everytime? I have to do other cheek tomorrow - I won't be able to sit down if both cheeks feel this way. Please tell me it gets better and what I can do to make more bearable. I took a hot shower before injecting and stayed relaxed the whole time.

Any ideas will be GREATLY appreciated!