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Thread: T-3 or Clen?

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    T-3 or Clen?

    I am 6'6" X 270lbs X 20% body fat and I do cardio 4 times a week for 30 mintes. I want drop about 30 lbs, which would be more effective? Can they be taken together for maximum results.

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    yeah they can be taken at the same, the combo works great. Just in my opinion don't run the T3 longer than 6 weeks and do a lot of research on it. Thyroid hormone drugs can be very dangerous.

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    stick to the clen and cardio. Dont use t-3 without test. You will be wasting your muscle. watch your diet, low fat, low carbs, high amounts of protien. dont take in any carbs after 4:00pm and your weight will drop considerably.

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