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    Question Cycle Advice. Please Help.

    Iam about to go on my first cycle
    week 1-4 dbols
    week 4-10 deca
    post cycle novalex

    Any advice on this cycle?
    Has anyone toke this cycle and will it work or what are the results?
    I constantly work out. I weight 225 and my first time please can I get advice on this and any ideas.

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    Hey bro, give us a little more of your stats (body fat %, height and your goals for the cycle, previous cycles, etc). Also include the dosages you are considering on your current proposed cycle. I can tell you right now you are gonna want to throw some test in to avoid the dredded deca dick.

    also, how old are you?



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    I agree,

    You will want some kind of test put into with it. also start the test and deca on week one right with the d's. It takes about four weeks for them both to kick in. Your d-bol is a jump starter to them both. Give us a idea at the dose you are looking at. We can go farther from there

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    same as the guys said bro. Its a fine first cycle what you have, I have seen plently of people get quality gains off of just what you have there. The problem is some people get deca dick( can't get it up) while using deca. If you add in some testosterone into your cycle it will defeat the dreaded deca dick.

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    If I was to deca and dbol only I would do this. I gained 20lbs on this one.

    deca 400mg week 1-10
    dbol 40mg ed week 5-10
    nolvadex (just in case)

    Alot of folks say that it is absolutely necessary to do dbol the first four weeks. It is a great idea if you want to jumpstart your cycle (meaning while you wait for the deca to kick in you can run the dbol). But if you want to get the full advantage of stacking these two compounds I recomend doing it this way.

    I do agree however that test would make it better. But definately not a necessity. And in this case running dbol at the beginning would be much better suited.

    test 500mg week 1-10
    deca 400mg week 1-10
    dbol 30mg ed week 1-4
    armidex .5mg ed throught

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