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    Would this have Affected My Test Results..!!

    Hey guys, i really need some input on this.... I got some tests from the doctor back a couple of weeks ago and they said they found a little bit of protein in my kidney (Creatinine), this can, and i stress the can, be linked to Kidney toxicity. The day when i took this test, was the last day i wrote exams. During that period i had taken a week off of working out, and still maintained a high protein diet (chicked breasts, protein shakes etc). Could this be a cause of my bad test results? I mean, my Urine color has not changed, it is cleary yellow, no dark yellow or brown, it doesn't hurt or burn when i pee or anything. I don't feel like there is anything wrong with me. I'm 22 yrs old, i don't think my kidneys would be failing at this point in my life.

    So i went in on Friday to get a 2nd test done......and I get the results back tomorrow, but i just thought some insight from you fellas would help me get through the night.

    thanks a million


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    All I can say is don't shrug this off... goto the docs and explain what you have used (both AAS if any and supplements as well as your total daily protein intake...). I wouldn't worry too much about it, but you should still be concerned... do a search for "creatinine" and I think you'll find a recent thread about someone in your same situation.. gl bro.

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    Re: Would this have Affected My Test Results..!!

    Hey, o Greek one . . .

    I understand the anxiety you're going through, but the best thing is to chill as much as you can before getting the new results.

    I doubt that the cause is too much protein without working outu for a week; more likely, it's the fact that you've consistently been on a high protein diet for a longer period. The obvious solution will be to cut your protein, because you can get too much of a good thing, and it will show up in your test results.

    Your urine color will not necessarily be relevant to the test; we all have different levels of urine color depending on what we have recently been eating or drinking. Best bet: Just wait for teh results, and see what the experts have to say.

    The anxiety is perfectly normal. In fact, anyone who has ever taken an HIV/AIDS test will tell you that the waiting week produces the worst anxiety they've ever been through - regardless of the results. Frankly, I agree with you - chances are that your kidneys are not going through anything traumatic, and any high readings are reversible. But you're doing the right thing by getting checked out, since there's nothing more comforting than to hear that everything is cool. And if it's not cool, at least you're catching it at an early point when it's easier to correct.

    Good luck, bro - let us know how it turns out.

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