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    Question What do you think of this little summer cycle I put together?

    Well, this will be my first time taking winny and my first time taking eq. Ive taken fina before but only alone. Here goes.

    EQ weeks 1-4 600mgs, weeks 5-8 400mgs
    Winny weeks 5-8 50mgs ED
    Fina weeks 1-8 75mgs ED

    Of course, clomid, liquidex at the end. What do you think I would get out of this? My current weight right now is only 183, but I'm only 5 foot 5 if weight comes into play with these dosages. I'm curious to see how I respond to the eq and winny.

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    looks good to me....ever thought about throwing in some prop at 100mg EOD to get a little bit of kick and size into those muscles and then look at clen to help rip it up. At 5'5" 183 I am sure you are interested in losing some BF. Just my 2 cents. But my main question to you looking at you handle can you afford it.

    you should gain some pretty hard muscle there..everyone will respond differently, but my guess would be around 10-15lbs of lean muscle.

    but at least serioulsy think about throwing in some clen into that cycle if you have access to it.

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