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    eq as appetitte enhancer?

    I am on a prop, npp and about to start some dbol in my cycle and i am 2 1/2 weeks in my prop waitin for deca and dbol to come in. and im not gaining but not like i should im not getting all the calories in like i should would be it ok just to throw some eq in there just as appetitte enhancer? what do you think? and is there ne of you that just use eq alone just to make u hungrier when ur bulking j/c thank... current stats 20 y/o 2nd cycle... 205lbs 11.4% bodyfat

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    EQ is known to increase appetite

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    My most recent cycle was test cyp/eq and methenalone acetate. It was my first experience with eq. Early on it seemed to make me a fair bit more hungry, but with time the appetite kind of curved. The cycle was great though, made really solid gains, set some personal bests on compound lifts, and to top it off, I don't feel bad a month after. In past cycles always used deca and always was pleased with the gains but felt like hell after.

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    yes but you will have to run the eq for at least 12 weeks as you will not get anythin off it until week 8 ish,also should not be ran under 400mg weekly.

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    get some B12 in the meantime this will help out with your appetite

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    u will get hungry in about 4wks put on some small lean muscle in about eight and its great for what u are using or wanting to use it for go for it

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    eq doesnt work for everyone in that aspect. everyone thinks it will just from reading profiles, but it depends on the person. some get a suppressed appetite on dbol , some dont. Just make yourself eat bro.

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