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    my low dosage cycle

    after much thinking, i finally have it nailed down.

    here it is:

    drugs being used
    spectro prop(100mg), spectro enathate(200mg), spectro deca (200mg)
    china winny

    .5cc prop/enthate/deca every m/w/f
    prop will run first three weeks
    enathate/deca will run 8weeks
    and china winnie will be run @50mg/day weeks 4-10

    week 11-13 clomid therapy
    200mg day 1, 100mgs days 2-7, 50mgs days 8-14

    i will update my this cycle each week.
    and i know most of u will tell me my dosages are to low,but i will prove that some guys can gain off low dosages.
    i will try to post before and after pictures when the cycle is over.


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    i used to gain off low cycles as well until within the last year or so--i am to the point where i have to up it

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