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Thread: 600 mgs TT Deca

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    600 mgs TT Deca

    This is my fourth cycle. I did deca at 450 mgs a week (5 weeks) and 30 mgs dbol (4 weeks) last year. It was my best cycle to date in terms of quality muscle. I looked the best when I finished the dbol because I lost a little of the bloat from the dbol. My question is assuming my diet is good and I workout correctly can I see some decent gains just running 600 mgs of TT deca for 10 weeks? I know the strength will not be there as much as if I did some test, but I do not like the bloat caused by test. Is ten to fifteen pounds a safe assumption as far as in increase in weight? I would also like some feedback on Ttokyo deca.

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    ttokkyo deca is good, i gained 10 pounds basically useing it alone as my first cycle

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