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    Hey Guysssss Little Help On The Next Cycle Pleaseeeeee

    Wuts up bros,

    I just finished my last cycle of 400mg deca e/w and 400mg test200 e/w.....I went from 165lbs to last injection was on monday april 22nd........Im still eating big and all and i took clomid therapy so i could keep most all my gains....big question is....I want to start another cycle....about the 3 week of june....consisting of 200mg of test every other day.....and some EQ at probably 50mg every other you think its a good idea...i have a buddy who has gone a whole summer straight through without breaking but i know i need the break...but do u think this period of time is significant enough? please let me know guys

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    Time on = Time off.
    I know it's summer time and everyone wants to be "On" but it's better to be safe.
    If it was safe I'd be on all summer long lol
    BTW add Winny to that next cycle....


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