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    hey my 4th shot of EQ/test in my quad, and not hurting bad at all?

    should my quad be hurting after the injection? i am starting to wonder if im shooting it in the right spot. I shoot it where all the pics tell me to andit doesnt hurt after or the next day. im not seeing any changes in strength or size, i knowit is still early, im not supposed to be seeing any am i? im doing 400mg EQ and 300mg of test. when should i see some changes about? thanks alot for any help with any other EQ/test users.

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    takes about 3 weeks before you will really notice anything. I don't get real sore either...and I've done test. prop, and sus.

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    i dont see much until about the 5th week myself....did shot 1 through 3 hurt ??? will usually only hurt if you have a high BA content in your gear or shoot near a nerve....i rarely have pain from my injections....

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    no pain in mine either...same stuff as well

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    Yep test enth and eq is supposed to kick in after 3 weeks or so.

    Also Enanth and EQ arent really supposed to hurt when u inject them like test prop or something, if thats what u mean.

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